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First-person shooter
Release date:
10 November 2006
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ArmA: Armed Assault is a computer game by Bohemia Interactive (BI). It is currently available in the Czech Republic and Germany. It is a tactical military first and third person shooter which is considered to be a successor to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. The game is anticipated to be fully updated with modern graphics, physics and a complete game engine overhaul, including a new streamlined campaign and game editing tool.

Armed Assault (ArmA) is being developed by a 40 member team at BI, a Czech game developer. BI as a member of IDEA games, with a declaration of cooperation between various small developers, announced that it's signing publishing deals on per territory basis. So far, distributors in German, Russian, Poland were announced. German release is scheduled for the 30th of November. 505 Games was chosen for the publication in the United Kingdom, most of Europe as well as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Because of legal issues between BI and Codemasters, the original publishers of Operation Flashpoint, Codemasters owns the intellectual property to the game. Since BI has severed its connection with Codemasters and no longer own the Operation Flashpoint name, Armed Assault is considered to be the direct descendent of Operation Flashpoint but not a full sequel (hence references to Armed Assault as Operation Flashpoint 1.5) while a total sequel to Operation Flashpoint is currently referred to as "Game 2". Codemasters plans to release a rival title to BI using the name Operation Flashpoint 2 with which BI has no participation.

The game will only be for Microsoft Windows at the present time. However, the port of Operation Flashpoint as Operation Flashpoint: Elite to the Microsoft Xbox suggests that BI may consider a similar port with Armed Assault to the Xbox 360 or a similar system.

The game will feature both single player and multiplayer modes of play so an Internet connection will not be necessary. The multiplayer game, however, will require a high speed broadband connection for optimal gaming online. Also, soon after Armed Assault’s release, an array of community made modifications and add-ons as well as official patches will be available for download to enhance the game.


ArmA aims to replicate the realism of combat in a highly intense, brand new campaign, all of which takes place on islands that may measure up to 400 square kilometers (about 250 sq. miles): four times larger than the islands of Everon and Malden featured in Operation Flashpoint.

The campaign in Armed Assault takes place on the fictional Atlantic island of Sahrani, a nation which is divided into a northern communist regime (called Democratic Republic of Sahrani - DRS) and a southern democratic monarchy. The narrative begins with US forces, after a few months of training in the south, leaving. The northern dictator uses this moment of weakness to attack the rest of the island. The player takes on the role of one soldier in a squad not rotated off the island before the conflict began. The squad aids the local militia in fending off the larger and more powerful neighbour’s offensive.

The campaign will follow a linear storyline. However, each level in the campaign will have a multitude of non-linear options for the player to complete the mission. The player’s ingame performance and choices will determine how the storyline progresses and ultimately will have a bearing on the war itself. For example, a mission to seize a crucial town can have a substantial effect on the story depending on the player's level of success or failure. Failure to successfully complete an objective does not result in the game ending but merely becomes another thread in the tapestry. Hostile squads will act independently of the player's actions so that they may be engaging in an activity dictated by the game AI that does not necessarily involve the player. This implies that the game has high replay value as no two games will be identical.

Despite initial claims, Armed Assault will not feature revamped campaigns from BI’s back catalog.

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